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“Afraid? Good.
That’s the first sign that you’re onto something great...pursue it!”

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Face it, talking about money isn’t an easy conversation to have, and unfortunately it’s downright hard for most of us, until now! 

As The Legacy Engineer,™ I’m here to help you have the uneasy money talk while creating a financial blueprint that is unique to your needs. I’ll start by getting to know you and what matters most to you, first. After this, we’ll work to create  a personalized blueprint with strategies to achieve your vision for your financial future. My focus is your life, your family and your priorities, not just your financial blueprint.  I’ll provide professional guidance across a full range of financial services that will also include sensible investments, clarity around fees, risks, projections and forecasting.

My personal core values are God, family and business [respectively], and I am committed to helping you grow financially as you become a legacy engineer. It’s time to dream big again, believe big and create a blueprint that will manifest our dreams and grant us real financial freedom!

Here’s to going from pay-check to paycheck to financially lit! 

~Kiara Hall

The Legacy Engineer

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As a financial professional and legacy engineer, it is my commitment to help you engineer your very own legacy blueprint. Oftentimes, we live without planning for the unexpected. Imagine planning for the unexpected then living life to the fullest? This is the Hall way of thinking and living life on purpose.

“Too many people spend money they earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.”

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